‚ÄčWenatchee Coin & Jewelry is a locally-owned mobile business.  We buy, sell, and trade coins, jewelry, silverware, and scrap gold and silver.  We will give you a fair price for your gold and silver, and we sell quality heirloom jewelry at affordable prices.

Operating all over Eastern Washington, we'll meet you at a convenient location.

Wenatchee Coin & Jewelry is owned and operated by Dean Warren.  

He previously started and ran a successful coin and jewelry store in Omak, WA.  Dean brings many years of experience to our town, and is looking forward to helping you buy, sell, or value your coins and jewelry!

 Wenatchee Coin & Jewelry


Eastern Washington's Local Coin and JEwelry Service

Have your coins tested electronically!
We are able to:

  • Detect Counterfeit Precious Metal coins and bars.
  • Measure underneath the surface of coins and bars,

       and test the metal in the interior.

  • Read through Numismatic Cases